Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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SHIFT Interview with Speaker Heiner Monheim

SHIFT | Interview with Heiner Monheim

Autonomous driving will bring comprehensive traffic calming We asked our speakers and wanted to know what their most urgent mobility topics are, how they see...
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Ensuring a Secure Experience in a Connected Vehicle – Fujitsu’s Hugo Lerias

The consumer electronics giant Fujitsu isn't best known for its work in the mobility sector. Yet it's working behind the scenes with OEMs, cities...

‘The Architects of the Future’ – BMW’s Designworks @ SHIFT Automotive

Designworks is an innovation and design consultancy that's owned by the BMW Group. Deneb Moosemeier is its Director of Strategic Partnering. She describes her...

The Future by Design – VW’s Design Director Peter Wouda Offers His Vision

Peter Wouda thinks the big thoughts for VW. He is responsible for all vehicle concepts and mobility solutions for future vehicles that are under...

Talking ‘Cars’, Movies And The Future With Pixar’s Creative Director Jay Ward

Jay Ward is in love with cars of all shapes and sizes, even ones that speak and have personalities. He should, as he was...

Data That Saves Lives – Ford Mobility’s John Lippe @ SHIFT Automotive

As vehicles are getting smarter, they are also creating huge amounts of data. This data can be used by OEMs and cities to monitor...

A Mobility Evangelist at SHIFT Automotive – Wunder’s Tamy Ribeiro

Tamy Ribeiro's official title is Chief Mobility Evangelist at Wunder Mobility - one of Europe's fastest growing mobility tech company. The Hamburg-based company offers...

SHIFT Automomotive – Mobility Transformations Towards Sustainable Cities – Celeris Technologies

The connected, heterogeneous, intelligent and personalised ('CHIP') mobility framework. By Prof. Dr. Venkat Sumantran, Chairman of Celeris Technologies. Einstein observed that “nothing changes until something...

Addressing the World Using Words – what3words CCO @ SHIFT Automotive

Banana, Airport, Antelope. That could well be the very place where you are viewing this story. What3words is a fast growing UK start-up that's...

SHIFT Automotive – The Future of Mobility: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

The disruption ahead for the motor insurance market. By David Williams, Managing Director, Underwriting & Technical Services, AXA Insurance. Would you send your children to...