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Kay Dallmann, Senior Vice President Accounting, Arvato and Dietrich Pflüger, Director Digital Marketing Strategy, fischerAppelt, on new business models and innovative marketing in the mobility sector

“Back to Business”: SHIFT Mobility 2020 in Berlin inspires international trade visitors

SHIFT Mobility with great feedbackHybrid concept at the IFA in Berlin proves to be a complete success: overwhelming response from partners, speakers, and...
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The Future of Fuel – Shell’s Jan Toschka, GM Retail DACH @ SHIFT Mobility

In the near future, the global energy giant Shell will offer a 'mosaic of fuels', including hydrogen, to drivers and fleet operators.Jan Toschka, GM...

Ramping Up EV Charging in the UK (Despite Brexit) – IONITY’s CEO

The UK may be leaving the European Union, but it remains very much part of IONITY's plans to build a high power charging network for...

Fuelling the Future – Shell at MOVE

The global energy giant Shell says it's shaping up for the future by offering new fuel solutions and technology and data to make transport...

Hubject and Greenlots Partner On App Free And Card Free Charging To EV Drivers

Hubject is collaborating with EV charging leader Greenlots to deploy its innovative, customer-friendly Plug&Charge technology in North America.Customers with new, Plug&Charge-enabled vehicles will no...