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Beep Announces AV Partnership with Bestmile

Beep, a Florida-based autonomous mobility solution company, has announced a partnership with Bestmile. Beep will use Bestmile's Fleet Orchestration Platform to plan, manage and...

The First and Last Mile Solutions – Nayva Shows Off Its Autonomous Shuttle In...

This week, Nicolas de Cremiers, Head of Marketing, Navya, spoke with Auto Futures at EVS32 in Lyon.The company exhibited its flagship first and last...

MOVE – France’s NAVYA Puts Safety First

How far off is the autonomous future? And how are companies addressing public safety concerns?To launch our coverage of the MOVE mobility event in...

NAVYA to revolutionize urban mobility

Urban populations are continuing to grow which is leading to increased traffic flow, congestion in city centers, an increase in CO2 emissions and a...
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France’s Navya talks to Auto Futures about the Driverless Future

There's a lot of talk about the driverless future at the Paris Motor Show 2018.  But for France's Navya, autonomous transit is already a reality.  Auto Futures' Adrian Smith discussed the subject with Navya's Head of Marketing, Nicolas de Cremiers.