Friday, September 24, 2021
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Streetdrone Pix E Hero

Autonomous Delivery Company StreetDrone Receives Investment From UK Retailer

UK autonomous delivery company, StreetDrone, has received a major investment from the high street retailer wilko.  The £3 million investment, which is part of...

UK Start-up StreetDrone Wins Government Funding For 5G Autonomous Truck Project

AV start-up, StreetDrone, has won UK Government funding as part of a consortium tasked with delivering an autonomous logistics capability to Nissan’s Sunderland car...

How Sharing Can Speed-up AV Development – StreetDrone’s CEO on Project ASLAN & More

Driverless technology with the capability to transform gridlocked and polluted cities are not being realised quickly enough. That's according to a new, international collaboration...