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Throwing Light on The Automotive Industry – Osram Continental’s CEO

Osram Continental is an international joint venture that unites two leading German companies and offers smart, innovative lighting solutions for the automotive industry. Alex Kreetzer,...

Why Germany’s VON ARDENNE is Entering the Automotive Space? IAA Interview

The Frankfurt Motor Show was not just about cars. Germany's VON ARDENNE used the event to show off its solutions for lithium-ion batteries, fuel...

How Daimler Mobility AG is Using Blockchain to Deliver New Services

The convergence of blockchain with connected car technologies will allow Daimler to deliver completely new services to a new set of customers. That's according...
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“Multi-Modal by Nature” – The Co-Founder of Germany’s Circ Scooters

Circ Co-Founder Carlos Bhola welcomed Auto Futures onto the Berlin-based scooter company's test track to talk about the importance of regulation, expansion and consumer...

Where And When Will We See Level 5 Autonomous Driving? Forecasts From Rinspeed’s Founder

Fully autonomous (Level 5) vehicles will be operating on roads in China and U.S. before anywhere else in the world. That's one of the...

Mixed Reality on Show in Frankfurt – Valeo’s Head of Innovation

Mixed reality offers a range of new possibilities and applications for the automotive industry. In Frankfurt, France's Valeo showcased a concept service that will...

Making The Map of the Future – TomTom’s Head of Autonomous Driving

TomTom is targeting the OEMs with its map of the future. Auto Future's Editor Alex Kreetzer talked to Willem Strijbosch, TomTom's Head of Autonomous...
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Lamborghini CEO at Frankfurt IAA on its New Hybrid Supercar

Lamborghini is showing off its new hybrid supercar at the IAA Motor Show. Auto Futures managed to get an interview with its CEO, Stefano...
Mattias Ekström becomes CUPRA high voltage ambassador

Mattias Ekström becomes CUPRA high voltage ambassador

The Swedish champion will pilot the brand’s electric racing strategy The multiple awarded touring car racer will be the CUPRA e-Racer official driver Ekström...
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2019 Opel Corsa E

World Premiere for Opel’s All-Electric Corsa at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Opel says it will show off three new models at the IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show in September. The first is the battery-electric Corsa-e...