Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Visitors at Hypermotion

IoT, drone boom, 3D-printing – the first topics for Hypermotion in November have already...

At the multimodal innovation platform Hypermotion from 10 to 12 November 2020, high-calibre speakers will venture a look into the future and illuminate the...
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Hypermotion 2019, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Hypermotion 2020 in Frankfurt – It’s Going to Happen!

Despite the cancellation of most trade fairs around the world this year due to the global pandemic - and yes the Geneva International Motor...
Prof. Dr. Johannes Springer, Leader 5g Automotive Programme, Deutsche Telekom

5G changes mobility – video interview with Prof. Dr. Johannes Springer

The basis for networked mobility and logistics is continuous network availability. 5G offers more bandwidth, lower latency and positioning that is accurate to the...
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Hypermotion Networking Event

How do we perceive mobility and what is most important to us?

In November 2019 the networking event Hypermotion used a wide range of innovative methods to conduct surveys and elicit opinions. Participants were invited to...
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Hypermotion 2019 - Keynote with Prof. Wolfgang Henseler

Intelligently networked mobility: Hypermotion strengthens key partnerships

Frankfurt has established itself as a meeting place for the pioneers of future mobility and logistics. From 26 to 28 November 2019, technology drivers...
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Controlling the Sky – Droniq CEO Targets Safe and Efficient Air Transport

The skies above above Europe are buzzing: more and more drones are appearing above us as unmanned aircraft systems carry out a range of...
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New Ideas, New Innovations, New Services – The Director of hypermotion

From micro-mobility services through to hyperloops and drones, hypermotion is a place for new ideas, new productions and new innovations. It was held at...
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Conferences at Hypermotion

The mobility transition is coming – but how? Hypermotion launches discussion of tomorrow’s sustainable...

Air taxis, autonomous shuttles or hyperloops: how will we be getting around a few years from now? How will digitalisation change our cities? From...
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The market for car software will grow to 50 billion dollars by 2030 (Photo: Unsplash)

Software for the new mobility: How do you feel about Google?

The pace of innovation in the digital world is driving car manufacturers to keep up. They are all reacting differently: some are allying themselves...
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Before joining Uber, Roland Werner was State Secretary in the Saxon Ministry of Transport (Photo: Uber)

‘No-one can revolutionise mobility on their own’

The transportation network company Uber is now also involved in electromobility and logistics. Roland Werner, Director Government Affairs & Policy DACH & CEE, will...
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