Friday, September 18, 2020
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Kay Dallmann, Senior Vice President Accounting, Arvato and Dietrich Pflüger, Director Digital Marketing Strategy, fischerAppelt, on new business models and innovative marketing in the mobility sector

“Back to Business”: SHIFT Mobility 2020 in Berlin inspires international trade visitors

SHIFT Mobility with great feedback Hybrid concept at the IFA in Berlin proves to be a complete success: overwhelming response from partners, speakers, and...
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“People Will Look Back at the 21st Century And Laugh” – Luxembourg’s Deputy PM

Luxembourg is the capital of the small European nation of the same name, which is landlocked between France, Belgium and Germany. Although small in...
François Bausch

SHIFT Mobility 2020 in Berlin | The city of the future will focus on...

The future of cities in structure and mobility is being discussed by some of Europes leading experts. On 3 September, Luxembourg's Deputy Prime Minister...
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