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Via Acquires Start-up Fleetonomy to Accelerate Entry Into Logistics And Delivery

Via has acquired Israeli start-up Fleetonomy, a leading developer of advanced fleet management software. The acquisition accelerates Via’s expansion beyond public transit and into...
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Fleetonomy Founder On JLR, HAVN and Reinventing Car Rental

Lior Gerenstein, CTO & Co-Founder of Fleetonomy, is working alongside automakers such as Jaguar Land Rover and Audi to create premium electric vehicle services...
Fleetonomy Founders Lior Gerenstein (left) And Israel Duanis (right)

Managing in Real-Time – Fleetonomy’s CEO Talks to Auto Futures

It was in the army that the co-founders of Fleetonomy - Israel Duanis and Lior Gerenstein - first met. One day the two discussed...

Fleetonomy – CEO and Co-Founder Talks to Auto Futures

Fleetonomy is a start-up that seeks to empower fleet owners with AI-based solutions. We talked to its CEO and Co-Founder Israel Duanis at the...