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L-Charge, the super fast off-grid EV-charger manufacturer

The survey showed: over 50% of EV owners in Europe are not satisfied with...

According to a servey, conducted by L-Charge, the EV-chargers manufacturer, only 34% of EV owners said they are completely satisfied with the existing charging...
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The new Mercedes-EQ, EQB, 2021

The EQB: all-electric compact SUV with up to seven seats

Stuttgart.  Whether it's for a large nuclear family or a small extended family: as a seven-seater, the new EQB offers space for many family...
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smart EQ fortwo edition bluedawn

smart EQ fortwo edition bluedawn: stylish and electrifying eye-catcher

New special model for the smart EQ fortwo coupé available at dealerships from April Stuttgart.  Smart is presenting a real head-turner in the form...
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Battista Platform Teaser

Future Foundation for Performance Electric Cars presented by Automobili Pininfarina, Bosch and Benteler

Strategic collaboration formed with mobility specialists Bosch Engineering and BENTELER ahead of Frankfurt International Auto Show Confirms future vision for a range of...
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Porsche Expands Charging Service To 49,000 Stations, 12 Countries

Just a few months after the launch, Porsche is expanding its charging service for plug-in and electric vehicles by five countries and a host...

The Nissan Leaf e+: Does Bigger Mean Better?

The Nissan Leaf was a pioneer for modern electric vehicles when it first arrived in 2010, way before the influx of 'green' cars we...

The Soundtracks of the Electric Future

Over the past couple of decades cars have been getting quieter and quieter, but electric and hybrid vehicles might have become far too quiet...

Why the Future is Electric: EVangelist Lynn Walford Explains

I'm celebrating my three-year anniversary of driving purely electric and I'm proud to say that once you go electric you can't go back. I’ve...