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Drive into the centre of the city

6 reasons for driving an electric car

SEAT Mii electric in the cityIn addition to sustainability and the environment, saving time and money are the main advantages The use of...
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Audi e-tron Sportback

SUV Coupé for the e-tron Family: The Audi e-tron Sportback

Sporty, elegant design and enhanced efficiency, drag coefficient of just 0.25 300 kW boost output, up to 448 kilometers (278.4 miles)* range according to WLTP...
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Josep Bons, the head of electric and electronic development at SEAT

5 questions and answers about electric cars

By 2030, sales of zero or low emission cars must amount to 40 % of the total, according to the European Commission Range...
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Despite the differences, attention to detail and the will to excite the public remain the same, as can be seen in the design of the Tavascan

This is how you design a 100% electric concept car

CUPRA concept carThe electric vehicle is now a reality that is transforming every area in the automotive sector, such as design Aerodynamics is...
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Iconic Spanish Car Brand Hispano Suiza is Reborn at Geneva

Hispano Suiza is alive and kicking. Its electric supercar - the Carmen - made its debut at this year's Geneva show. It will cost...