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Porsche Taycan Gts Featured

Smart Cars, Performance Cars, and Desirability – The Year in EVs

Do you remember when electric cars were a novelty? For perhaps the first time, it seems as though new electric cars were more newsworthy...
Audi Charging Hub

Audi Opens Charging Hub in Nuremberg with Reservable 320 kW Charging Points

Audi has unveiled a new charging hub with a "connected lounge" area for drivers to relax whilst their EV is fuelling up.The new charging...
VW Golf Green NCAP results 2021

VW Golf − Green NCAP 2021 Results − 3½ stars

VW Golf GTE 180 kW plug-in hybrid 4x2 automaticThe new Volkswagen Golf GTE is a plug-in hybrid of a very dynamic character with a system...
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Nissan LEAF e+ Green NCAP results 2021

Nissan LEAF e+ – Green NCAP 2021 Results – 5 stars

Nissan LEAF e+ A03 electric 4x2 automaticThe latest generation Nissan LEAF e+ has a bigger battery and higher power than its predecessor. With 62 kWh of...
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Audi A3 Green NCAP results 2021

Audi A3 − Green NCAP 2021 Results − 3 stars

Audi A3 Sportback 35 TDI diesel 4x2 automaticHere, Green NCAP tested the 2020 model of the Audi A3 35 TDI Sportback with S-tronic automatic transmission. This...
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Lexus UX 300e Green NCAP results 2021

Lexus UX 300e − Green NCAP 2021 Results − 5 stars

Lexus UX 300e electric 4x2 automaticThe Lexus UX 300e is a pure electric crossover with an electric motor providing 150 kW of power and 300 Nm of...
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Renault Captur Green NCAP results 2021

Renault Captur – Green NCAP 2021 Results – 3½ stars

Renault Captur E-TECH 160 Plug-In Intens plug-in hybrid 4x2 automaticIntroduced in 2020, the Renault Captur E-TECH 160 plug-in hybrid is a small SUV well suited to...
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Audi Grandsphere Concept

A ‘Private Jet For The Road’ – Audi Presents Its Grandsphere Concept – a...

At the IAA 2021 in Munich, Audi is presenting the Audi grandsphere concept study. The 5.35 m (17.6 ft.) long grandsphere sedan combines the...
Save The Date: The Online World Premiere Of The Audi Skysphere C

Audi to Unveil Skysphere Concept – an Electric-Powered, Convertible Roadster – Today

Audi will today unveil its skysphere concept, the first member of a new family of three concept cars that it's using to showcase its...
Electrification 2.0: Pros From Fc Bayern Receive Audi E Tron Gt

FC Bayern Munich Star Players Receive All-Electric Audi e-tron GTs

A total of 15 FC Bayern Munich players and officials are now using the all-electric Audi e-tron GT2 or Audi RS e-tron GT premium models as their...