Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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From Car-Centric to People Friendly – President of German Environment Agency, Dirk Messner

President of the German Environment Agency, Dirk Messner is focused on the global transition to decarbonised mobility.  He also wants to create what he calls...
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Live from SHIFT – CEO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, Mark Freymüller

Last week, Auto Futures was live at SHIFT Mobility in Berlin, speaking with transport leaders from around the world in what has been many...
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Sustainability for All – Aware’s Lena Schrum

Lena Schrum is the founder of the sustainability platform Aware, which aims to help consumers and companies adopt sustainable behaviour. Her focus is on building...
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Utilising Space in Cities: Spin’s Felix Petersen

Reconnecting with Auto Futures friend Felix Petersen at SHIFT Mobility, we discuss how we can make the most of the space that we have...
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Creating a Startup Mentality – Porsche Digital’s Christian Knoerle

At SHIFT Mobility, Auto Futures speaks with Porsche Digital's Head of Company Building, Christian Knoerle, to understand how automotive brands can look into new...

The Future of Fuel – Shell’s Jan Toschka, GM Retail DACH @ SHIFT Mobility

In the near future, the global energy giant Shell will offer a 'mosaic of fuels', including hydrogen, to drivers and fleet operators. Jan Toschka, GM...

“People Will Look Back at the 21st Century And Laugh” – Luxembourg’s Deputy PM

Luxembourg is the capital of the small European nation of the same name, which is landlocked between France, Belgium and Germany. Although small in...
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The Evolution of Connected Mobility – Daimler’s Ilja Radusch @ SHIFT Mobility

Connected mobility is nothing new - but it has rapidly evolved. Ilja Radusch is head of Daimler Center for Automotive Information Technology Innovations, who...

Back to Business – SHIFT Mobility CEO Hans Hamer on Hybrid Events

CEO Hans Hamer reflects on the first day of SHIFT Mobility, which has developed into a revolutionary hybrid event, bringing together mobility experts from...
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Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality – Blickfeld Founder Florian Petit @ SHIFT Mobility

Before founding Blickfeld, Dr Florian Petit worked on the control of robots as part of scientific work at the Technical University of Munich, Stanford...
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