The UK Start-up Building the Robot Brains Needed for Self-Driving

When the European Space Agency needed help to develop the Mars rover probe, it turned to a UK start-up for its vision sensors. That start-up was Oxbotica, a company formed in 2014 by Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner, two professors from Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science Mobile Robotics Group. They founded the company on the belief that autonomous technology is inevitable and will play a major role in both public and private transport.

Auto Futures talked to Dr. Graeme Smith, the CEO of Oxbotica about the company’s technology and the path towards an autonomous future.

“Fundamentally, Oxbotica develops the software that makes vehicles autonomous. Our technology enables machines to robustly navigate, understand and act in their specific environments without relying on external infrastructure, such as GPS. Whether complete systems or individual components, the pioneering platform-agnostic technology we’re developing can be integrated across multiple domains, from airports to warehouses and mines,” says... Read more

Tough Love for the Auto Industry from Roger C. Lanctot

In the connected car space, if you want a good quote, you can always get one from Roger C. Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics. He’s smart, knows the business and always has something brilliant…

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The New Face of Automotive Human Machine Interface

Rashmi Rao is changing the face of automotive technology. She’s busy building new human machine interfaces (HMI) for automotive mobility at Samsung’s HARMAN, a supplier of technology, infotainment and systems for the automotive industry. Her current position is Senior Director…

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