The Afreecar – a Smart Mobility Idea Out of Africa

It may look like a bicycle pulling a cart but it may well be a cheap solution to a whole raft of challenges in developing countries. The Afreecar is the brainchild of Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird, who has been solving mobility problems and thinking about the future of autos since he was GM’s director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts. It was at GM where he created the skateboard car building concept, now made famous by Tesla and currently in the works by major automakers.

Back in 2010, he demonstrated connected autonomous and self-parking personal electric pods called EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle) at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. This inductee to the Automotive Hall of Fame is now working on a 'Swiss Army knife' of mobility - a solar e-trailer concept that provides jobs, transportation, food/medicine delivery and electricity for under-developed communities. Borroni-Bird shared his concept of the Afreecar, his story and mission... Read more