Ex-MiIitary Making the Weather in Automotive Cybersecurity

Israel is a hotbed for automotive cybersecurity firms. Auto Futures talked with some of the leading businesses in Israel to learn what atmosphere enabled it to be outstanding in this fast-growing sector.

The influence of Israel’s military service is seen as significant, especially at Argus Cyber Security (Argus), a business owned by the German automotive supplier Continental.

“Our founders served in Israel Defense Forces’ cyber intelligence unit 8200. It's kind of like the NSA in handling intelligence and cyber defense,” says Yoni Heilbronn, Chief Marketing Officer of Argus who served a decade in leadership roles in the IDF’s 8200. “8200 handles intelligence with the most cutting-edge technology.”

Heilbronn says that in the military, you have to take responsibility, perform well under pressure and think outside of the box. 

“In 8200, the impossible is really irrelevant,” says Heilbronn who notes that in the Israeli military even the simplest rank-and-file can speak out to the highest... Read more

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