Drivertainment – a New Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry is Born

When drivers become riders, no longer needing to have their eyes on the road, they’ll be able to give their full attention to other things: like movies, apps, games and, of course, advertising.

The tech giant Intel predicts self-driving vehicles will free up more than 250 million hours of commuting each year. As the modern car transforms into the living room of the future, a new multi-trillion dollar ‘drivertainment’ industry will be born.

“Companies should start thinking about their autonomous strategy now,” said Intel’s former CEO Brian Krzanich, adding that he wants to: “wake people up to the opportunity streams that will emerge when cars become the most powerful mobile data generating devices we use.”


As driverless cars become media hubs, the number of screens will rise allowing for new types of custom content. As every window in the car becomes a screen, it will present new opportunities for rich 360 degree content.

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