Mobileye Paves the Way for Israel’s Autonomous Success in China

Mobileye, the Israeli technology company owned by software giant Intel, is one of the most successful suppliers of autonomous driving software on the planet. Continuing its drive to dominate the global market, Mobileye has announced that it is expanding its business in China, partnering with Great Wall Motors, Beijing Public Transport Corp and Beijing Beytai, to develop and integrate autonomous systems for vehicles in China and bring autonomy to its public transport network. This move will pave the way for smaller Israeli competitors that are trying to overcome trade tensions between the US and China.

In 2018, Mobileye signed 16 deals in China. This is unsurprising, with the two companies doing over $10 billion a year in trade together. Due to this, the relationship between China and Israel has been growing for years, with Chinese investors raising $325 million for Israeli startups in the first three quarters of 2018. And, with the latest... Read more