US Mobility Industry to Create 100,000 New Jobs

Research from Boston Consulting Group and Detroit Mobility Lab shows that autonomous and electric cars will help create over 100,000 industry jobs in the US in the coming decade, with 30,000 of these new vacancies available to engineers with degrees in computer-related subjects.

However, the demand could still outweigh the expected number of graduates six-fold, adding to the industry’s already significant talent shortage. Unlike in the past, these graduates must have a broad knowledge across a range of different systems, including AI, machine learning, robotics, data sciences and software. Due to this, a lot of automakers have acquired start-ups which already have these abilities. Unfortunately, this has exacerbated the talent shortage, as companies such as Ford and General Motors look elsewhere for new talent.

This is arguably the most exciting shift the world has ever seen. By 2030, more than 20% of cars will be plug-in hybrid or fully-electric, with over 10%... Read more