World’s First Taxi to Accept Singing as Payment

Life is a highway. I want to ride it all night long.
What if by singing the classic 90s song you could ride all night long, and for free, in a karaoke powered taxi?

A Finnish ride sharing service is offering passengers the chance to travel without paying any money at a rock festival this Summer. There’s only one catch. The riders must sing. So how does it work? Passengers select a song from a tablet and begin singing to start their journey. The ride sharing service uses a sound meter inside the electric vehicle to measure the noise. If the singing stops so too will the car.

The company behind the promotional stunt is the clean-energy provider Fortum. It’s using a fleet of BMW i3 electric cars as a way of introducing festival goers to the emissions free technology. The Fortum Singalong Shuttle is being used as a way to promote clean... Read more

Toyota Hails Investment in Singapore’s Grab

Toyota Motor Corp. is to invest $1 billion in Singapore’s Grab Holdings. This values Southeast Asia’s largest car-hailing company at just over $10 billion. It follows an initial investment last year through Toyota’s trading arm in the company that forced…

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