Europe’s EV Battery Battle Heats up

The electric car is failing to gain momentum in Germany, the country where the automobile was invented. Although the German government had the goal of having one million electric cars on the roads by 2020, it is already clear that this will not even be achievable by the year 2030. There are just too many negative aspects standing in its way. This affects both the range and environmental protection especially in the production and the disposal of the electric batteries. And finally there is the price of the electric cars, which is often 50 percent higher one with a gasoline engine.

Only around one percent of automobiles worldwide use electricity. But even this relatively small number consumes about half of all lithium-ion batteries that are in circulation. In addition to lithium, many other materials needed to build a high-performance battery are only available in very limited quantities on Earth. This means... Read more

How Wireless Charging Could Unplug EV Inconveniences

There are many barriers to electric vehicle adoption that automakers and suppliers are working to break through. One major hurdle is the inconvenience of wired EV charging. Wireless inductive charging, which in the future may be combined with autonomous technology…

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