Why Racing is a Smart Way to Test and Promote EV Technology

The first ever electric vehicle drag race takes place in Abu Dhabi this week. It forms part of the Electric Vehicle Road Trip Middle East in collaboration with the eco Grand Prix. The event is just the latest in a series of race challenges designed to test and promote EV technology.

The eco Grand Prix series says it showcases the fun electric cars can bring without harming the environment. It says the scope of the challenge is to prove to the world that electric cars can be a sustainable means of transportation. Since 2013, it's held a dozen events. Last year it held races in Spain, Germany and the snowy principality of Andorra.

“Every event is an endurance challenge. Every team, private or company wise, will make as much distance within the provided time (at least 6 hours at present) based on CEE 32 amps 22 kW maximum - so every EV... Read more

China Ready to Shock the World

A report published by Reuters on January 10th uncovered 29 global automakers’ plans to invest at least $300 billion in electric vehicles over the next five to 10 years, with more than 45% of that figure going into China. The…

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VW Unveils Mobile EV Charging Stations

As the automotive industry moves into the new year, many players involved within the rapidly-developing electrification market are trying to make EV charging more efficient and less time-consuming. To kick-off 2019, Volkswagen has offered a glimpse into the company’s mobile…

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Innovations and Changes as Formula E Comes of Age

With the first race in Saudi Arabia, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship started its fifth season on 15 December. Eleven teams are competing in 2018/2019, each with two vehicles, in this all electric-vehicle racing series. The championship will be…

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