Paris Motor Show

Tomorrow’s Mobility – Insights from the Paris Motor Show 2018

This year the Mondial Paris Motor Show celebrated its 120th anniversary. It opened its doors for the first time in 1898 and it's continued to showcase iconic vehicles, technological developments and business strategies ever since.

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Mapping the Road to Autonomous Driving

TomTom is tackling the challenge of autonomous driving acceptance through next generation maps. The company is developing technology that sends the data from vehicles to the cloud, processes it with AI, computer vision and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) and…

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How to Protect Connected Cars from Hackers

How do you make millions of connected cars more secure and protected against cybercrime?  Upstream Security claims to be the only company in the world building a cloud solution whilst other companies are focused on in-car solutions. It’s staffed by…

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StoreDot: Powering up the EV Revolution

One company that could really fire up the EV revolution is StoreDot. It’s developing super fast charging electric batteries using nano-technology. And it’s got a number of major backers including the energy giant BP. Erez Lorber is the COO of…

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China’s GAC Motor Makes its European Debut

One company making its debut at the Paris motor show was GAC Motor. The young Chinese brand unveiled a SUV and a concept car featuring what it describes as ‘futuristic styling’. At the moment GAC’s main market is China but…

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