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Picture Michael Pomrehn

Michael Pomrehn in the HEY/HAMBURG interview

“We have set out to make a significant contribution to the energy transition in Germany.”We spoke to Michael Pomrehn, Customer Centricity Manager B2B/B2G at...
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Picture Christoph Weigler

Christoph Weigler in the HEY/HAMBURG interview

”We want to make the mobility mix so attractive that more people will no longer want to own a car.”As a mobility platform, UBER...
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Picture Alexander Junge

Alexander Junge in the HEY/HAMBURG interview

“Mobility should be lived responsibly.”Alexander Junge, Member of the Executive Board of Aral AG and General Manager for Central Europe of bp pulse, discusses...
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HEY/HAMBURG mobility festival takes place on June 16 and 17, 2022

Two-day event with speakers from business, academia and politics Around 70 experts, more than 30 presentations, 11 panels Cross-industry discussion on the future...
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Love City

Love City instead of Smart City: The change in values is in full...

The vision of a high-tech city. From traffic flows to energy supply: Metropolises around the world are working to deploy digital technologies to advance...
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MIND−SHIFT: A Compendium on Future Mobility, Circularity and New Urbanism

MIND-SHIFT: A Compendium on Future Mobility, Circularity and New Urbanism

SHIFT Mobility and pressrelations present an exclusive study of the megatrends in Future Mobility: "MIND-SHIFT: A Compendium on Future Mobility, Circularity and New Urbanism"Berlin,...
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SHIFTx - Convention reinvented

How Arvato Financial Solutions is Helping Pioneer a New Mobility Concept Across Europe

You may not have heard of Arvato Financial Solutions, but it’s one of the financial powerhouses of Europe. According to Kay Dallmann, Senior Vice...
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Our top speaker - Paolo Tumminelli

Prof. Paolo Tumminelli invites top speakers among others Lapo Elkan, founder of Garage Italia...

Paolo Tumminelli, Professor of Design at University of Cologne and CEO of Goodbrands is hosting two panels under the title "Objects of Movement" at...
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Our top speaker - Johann Jungwirth, Mobileye

Self−driving vehicles will have a bigger impact than electric vehicles − Johann Jungwirth, Mobileye

Johann Jungwirth, Vice President MaaS at Mobileye explains how we will get back 800 billion wasted hours per year through autonomous vehicle (AV). In...
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Our top speaker - Boyd Cohen, Iomob

“We Will Have Easy Access To Any Kind Of Vehicle” − Boyd Cohen, CEO...

Boyd Cohen is committed to making the future mutlimodal. The founder and CEO of Iomob is building a next generation mobility on demand platform. At...
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