Lynn Walford

Freemium Mobility – Gig Options Created by Auto Entrepreneurs

Burgeoning automotive tech is driving new streams of advertising-fueled options. Advertising can help provide free electric charging, gig economy money and free cars to drive. Auto Futures talked to three North American startups to find out how their business models work.

Volta Charging

In 2010, after graduating from college, Scott Mercer decided to sell his 1969 Jaguar XKE and move to Hawaii to set-up Volta. Mercer developed free charging for EV drivers with free installation for businesses supported by advertising. Since then, Volta has grown a network of hundreds of chargers throughout the United States and worked with major brands such a Jaguar, Nissan and Chevrolet.

“Our stations look like giant iPhones,” says Abdellah Cherkaoui, Senior Vice President, Government, Automotive and Utilities at Volta. “We put the chargers in public places that are most convenient and easy to see and use.”

Charger use is frictionless, there are no cards to use and there is... Read more

A Silicon Valley Disrupter with a Sense of Style

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