Lynn Walford

CES: The World’s Biggest Auto Show?

CES 2019 was a behemoth of automotive technology and demonstrations, a mega-mall shopping palace for automakers and suppliers. Auto Futures was on-site to supply insight into the top trends at the event. Trends include aftermarket upgrades, pods, alternative transport, personalisation, new lidar and cameras, autonomous vehicle software and hardware solutions. There was a spirit of cooperation and, of course, lots of stiff competition.

Connectivity for Everyone

There are whole areas of the show floor dedicated to aftermarket car solutions. These included new audio systems from Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer, with Android Auto and CarPlay making their CES debut. This year, companies also extended new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to consumers with older vehicles, as the aftermarket industry looks to exploit a new revenue stream, especially during this transitional phase.

“Safety shouldn’t be just for new car buyers, but for everyone,” says John Waraniak, Vice President of Vehicle Technology at the Specialty... Read more

CES 2019 – Now That’s Entertainment!

Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only home to the greatest entertainment in the world but, during CES, the latest and greatest technology. Since changing to a once-a-year format in 1998, CES has positioned itself at the forefront of consumer technology and…

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Tough Love for the Auto Industry from Roger C. Lanctot

In the connected car space, if you want a good quote, you can always get one from Roger C. Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics. He’s smart, knows the business and always has something brilliant…

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