Eammon Atkinson

Solar Powered Tricycle set to Begin Production

It’s not quite a car. Nor is it a bicycle. And it could be mistaken for a futuristic pram. In fact, mö is a pedal-assisted electric trike powered by solar panels. And the result may fill a gap in the market for those wanting to combine the environmental benefits of cycling with the creature comforts of a car, and an electric motor to boot.

The prototype has been legally certified in the European Union and can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, on par with a racing bike. But unlike a bicycle, mö is fully enclosed, lockable and can fit 2 people. It has 5 electric gears and 3 mechanical ones and is steered by a joystick in the middle of the cabin. There’s also storage space for small items like bags and groceries.

The electric trike is the brainchild of Spanish entrepreneur Gonzalo Chomón. Talking to Auto Futures, the Evovelo... Read more

The Road Ahead for Michelin

The French tyre giant Michelin has a history of innovation dating back over 120 years.  And it’s still looking to the future with its new concept wheel. Cyrille Roget, Group Scientific and Innovation Communications Director explains more to Auto Futures.

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