Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Brompton Bikevideo

The Mobility Gold Rush – Brompton CEO Talks to Auto Futures

Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams has been in the industry "before it was glamourous," paving the way for micro-mobility products and services. Since then, he...
Volocity Takes Off Into Night

VoloCity to Become First Commercial Volocopter Aircraft

Volocopter, the pioneer in Urban Air Mobility, presented the design for its newest air taxi model: VoloCity. This will be the fourth-generation electrical take-off...
Tomtom Apis For Ev Resize

TomTom Helps Drivers Beat Range Anxiety with New Tech

TomTom has launched two new APIs for developers to help build applications for electric mobility. The TomTom Long Distance EV Routing API and the TomTom EV Charging Stations Availability...
Drivy 2video

24/7 Mobility – Drivy’s Katy Medlock (Part 2)

Katy Medlock, Country Manager at Drivy, talks the importance of instant accessibility, going paperless and allowing customers to use shared cars as if they...

Canoo CEO Steps Down as US Startup Teases New Designs

US startup Canoo - formally known as Evelozcity - has been hard at work on building a workforce as it heads towards the production...
Magic Head Rest

Freer Logic – The Tech Company That Wants Cars to Read Your Mind

Since its inception, the auto industry has always been a pioneer of emerging technologies, across manufacturing, production and the customer experience. Today, we are...
Nio B

Nio Founder Departure Adds to Chinese Startup’s Woes

China's electric startup and Tesla rival Nio has taken yet another blow after the departure of founder and former Executive Vice President Jack Cheng.The...
Katy Drivyvideo

The New Age of Vehicle Ownership – Drivy’s Katy Medlock Talks to Auto Futures

Katy Medlock, Country Manager at Drivy, sat down with Auto Futures in London to discuss changing the perception of car sharing, creating a viable...

UK Looks to Ban Hands-Free in Cars – But Are We Missing the Point?

MPs in the UK are looking to ban hands-free and hand-held phones within vehicles as they believe current laws are "misleading" and are "essentially...
Ube R

Uber to Hike Prices After $5.2 Billion Quarterly Loss

Say goodbye to cheap fares. Uber's in a spot of bother.Following a $5.2 billion loss in its quarterly results, everyone's favourite ride-hailing service is...