Adrian Smith

Waymo’s Way Forward. In Conversation with AV Visionary Larry Burns

9/11 was a pivotal moment for Larry Burns. At the time he was busy leading R&D for General Motors. He was in Frankfurt for the auto show when the attacks happened. There were no flights back to the U.S. And, like many people, it prompted a bout of soul searching as he was convinced that one of the root causes was related to oil.

"I really committed myself at that point in time to go down a path where we could get the cars off of oil. So it had a major impact on me," says Burns. He adds: "Business as usual with oil wasn't going to cut it going forward."

Winners and Losers
After leaving GM, Burns has advised around fifty different companies but the main one has been Google's self driving outfit Waymo. He's worked with the Waymo team since 2011.

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CES 2019 – Preparing for the Post-Autonomous Era

Now we all know that CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. But increasingly it’s standing for connected, electric and self-driving. In early January there will be a number of major tech reveals in Las Vegas from the OEMs. For example, Kia…

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