About us

What Exactly is Auto Futures?

In an nutshell, it’s a content-rich B2J (business-to-journalist) digital channel designed to offer real insider knowledge on how technology and the auto-industry are fusing together.

As technological and cultural changes combine to turn the auto industry inside out, mega-trends such as the drive for zero emissions, connectivity and the proliferation of autonomous vehicles are disrupting the business model like never before. In fact, we’re experiencing an industry revolution not seen since the days of Henry Ford.

Auto Futures is in the vanguard of this change. It’s a place of discovery where these mega-trends are documented and analysed; where new visions and opinions are gathered and curated.

It’s a smart blend of editorial content and easy-to-download free content provided by brands to enhance the storytelling process. It’s also an online forum where journalists, influencers and brands get to mingle and share their stories, ideas, views and visions. It will have daily news, regular video features, it will have in-depth coverage of the major shows and launches plus views from thought leaders, interviews and exclusive stories from our network of journalists around the world.

Don’t Get Left Behind…

Get Involved. If you have any questions about commercial opportunities and/or PR distribution please contact us via email: info@autofutures.tv. For any other queries, email: contact@autofutures.tv.