About us

Auto Futures is an award-winning, international digital content hub dedicated to the future of mobility.

Our independent and industry-leading platform provides a growing network of journalists, industry experts and brands from around the world with access to breaking news, features with industry thought leaders and downloadable copyright-free media assets.

By bringing together global mobility brands and journalists, we are creating a community for business, development and awareness within the evolving automotive industry.

Connected, autonomous, shared and electric. These key pillars of mobility are disrupting business models like never before, as the industry prepares for the mega-trends of tomorrow.

Auto Futures is at the heart of this change, documenting and analysing new visions through curated content and opinions from across the transport world, offering unparalleled inside knowledge and up-to-the-minute coverage of innovations as they appear on the world stage.

By creating a unique platform like Auto Futures, we are able to help support the mobility revolution as it unfolds in front of us.

Get Involved. If you have any questions about commercial opportunities and/or PR distribution please contact us via email: info@autofutures.tv. For any other queries, email: contact@autofutures.tv.