About us

As part of DMA Media Group, Europe’s leading news services company, Auto Futures is an award-winning, digital content hub dedicated to the future of mobility.

Our international team of journalists and content creators work around-the-clock, providing a fast-growing industry audience with access to breaking news, features with thought leaders and event coverage, plus exclusive video interviews and podcasts. 

Media outlets are also catered for in our ‘Brand Content’ section, which offers the latest automotive stories, as well as downloadable copyright-free images, video clips and press releases.

In addition to our editorial and content production teams, our PR, marketing and media relations experts are also on hand to help brands in the tech, transport, energy and mobility sectors connect with the international media, targeting a highly engaged, niche audience of journalists, industry professionals and decision-makers. 

A unique platform like Auto Futures, we are able to help support the mobility revolution as it unfolds in front of us.

Want to maximise your brand’s communications objectives? Get in touch with us. If you have any questions about commercial opportunities and/or PR distribution, please contact us via email: info@autofutures.tv.