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The world’s first pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub has been set up in just 24 hours in Surrey.

Developed by 3ti, a UK-based designer, installer, and operator of solar car parks, the company hopes its Papilio3 car park will help tackle the nation’s growing need for EV infrastructure.

The unit is built around a recycled shipping container and can support up to 12 fast EV charge points and the solar and battery-boosted charging system can adapt the speed of charge and reduce the carbon intensity of the electricity being provided to the charging cars. 

“Overnight charging at home generally provides the most cost-effective, carbon-efficient, sustainable form of EV charging, but in the UK, around 50% of households will not be able to do this,” explains Tim Evans, 3ti founder & CEO.

“If you live in a flat, a tower block, a rented house, in temporary accommodation or even in a £10m terraced townhouse in Chelsea, you’re probably not going to be able to charge an EV at home.”

The Papilio3 is fitted with three modular canopies that support 36 solar panels and has a battery storage capacity of up to 250 kWh and has been developed in partnership with Cambridge Design Partners and designed for roll-out at workplaces and destination charging sites such as hospitals, hotels, sports, and shopping centres.

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Each unit offers sheltered, illuminated and secure parking, plus a convenient, available and reliable EV charging experience that supports a mixture of 7, 11, and 22 kilowatts.

The new pop-up site is located at the Surry Research Park in Guildford. The Park is home to more than 200 businesses ranging from startups to multinationals including Airbus and BAE Systems. 

“We are delighted to be able to accommodate the operations of 3ti’s test bed,” adds Nick Beesly, Chief Operating Officer at Surrey Research Park.

“It not only fits with our ethos of helping facilitate innovation, but its product aligns to the crucially important sustainability agenda. This is of paramount importance to many of our tenants. Our sustainability cluster is expanding rapidly within the Park and we look forward to hearing the results of the trial with 3ti.”

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