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Urbix, a US-based graphite processor, is expanding from its homeland with a new UK entity.

The UK arm of Urbix will look to supply British- and Europe-based automakers and battery suppliers with the company’s advanced materials for anodes.

In fact, the company aims to supply almost one-third of EVs in the US, UK, and Europe with graphite by the end of the decade.

“Companies driving the global energy transition need a reliable supply of high-performing and environmentally-friendly graphite to meet projected demand for electric vehicles. The momentum in the UK and Europe is building every day and establishing Urbix’s presence here is critical to increasing supply chain capacity outside of China,” says Nico Cuevas, CEO and co-founder of Urbix.

Urbix is one of the few companies currently processing graphite outside of China and has developed a proprietary process to produce high quality Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (CSPG) for electric vehicles at a fraction of the cost, energy, time, and space compared to its competitors. 

Urbix’s CSPG is processed using just 10% of the energy, 6% of the acid, 7% of the time and double the yield compared to existing processes. The company also says its method has a highly resilient supply chain as it works with raw graphite that can be sourced from multiple locations around the world.

The company creates its CSPG with modular facilities that can be located anywhere in the world and respond quickly to shifting demand – which should help automakers remain competitive. 

“We’re looking forward to growing our presence and becoming a part of the UK’s well established and growing battery ecosystem,” continues Cuevas.

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