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Odin Automotive and GoFor, a North American sustainable delivery company, have announced a partnership to deploy Odin’s electric delivery vehicle ecosystem in the US and Canada starting in Q2 of 2022. The partnership gives GoFor preferred access to Odin’s electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs).

As part of the agreement, for certain vehicle classes, Odin will provide electric vehicles for GoFor’s crowdsourced delivery services, starting with up to 3,266 vehicles planned by the end of 2023.

The collaboration with Odin will make GoFor one of the first eFleet-As-A-Service providers in North America. It has a network of over 10,000 independent drivers.

The partnership with GoFor marks Odin’s first major North American customer.

Earlier this year, Odin announced their acquisition of IP and production rights for StreetScooter Engineering (StSE) eLCVs from Deutsche Post DHL in Germany.

Stefan Krause, CEO and Chairman of Odin Automotive, says: “GoFor’s strong commitment to low cost delivery and moving toward a future with zero emissions make them an ideal fit for Odin’s electric solution suite. With over 100 million kilometers of work already on the road, our EVs are known for their reliability, ergonomics and high uptime, creating a win-win for drivers and fleet operators. We also have an unmatched first mover advantage over the rest of the sector—our vehicles are fully proven, and ready to deploy at scale, today. Our advantage gives GoFor everything they need to execute on their Renewable Delivery initiative as early as Q2 this year.”

“This partnership brings together two pioneers in sustainable last mile delivery who both understand that the world can’t continue down the same path, rushing to deliver ever faster, no matter the consequence to communities or the environment.” adds GoFor CEO, Ian Gardner. “At GoFor, our success will not only be measured in deliveries and profit but also in the stewardship of our communities, with a responsibility to ensure their prosperity and sustained health. This union is key to living up to our Renewable Delivery commitment to deliver better through carbon-negative solutions and fast, reliable, low cost delivery.”


Odin Automotive is an automotive holding company with employees working together across Europe, Asia, and North America to transform last mile transportation of people and goods to zero emissions.

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