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ZipCharge, the company behind the Go portable EV powerbank, has appointed Mouve and Co. to consult and advise on its growth.

Mouve and Co., based in Canada, specialises in working with startups across electrification, connectivity, autonomy, and mobility industries.

The consultants will be looking to assist ZipCharge with strategic alliances and explore opportunities for the company to play a role in the entire smart energy value chain and power management.

“Our mission it to make EV ownership accessible for all, removing all barriers for owners transitioning to electric vehicles. This appointment is a key component of ZipCharge’s growth strategy as we rapidly move towards the on-sale date of the game-changing Go portable charger. It also boosts our ambitious plans to develop new products that will help transform the EV ecosystem, making electric vehicle ownership a possibility for everyone,” says Jonathan Carrier, ZipCharge’s co-founder.

“Mouve and its leadership team understand the challenges and opportunities of realising growth in the fast-evolving automotive industry and the shift to electrification and mobility. The team’s guidance and contribution as long-term advisors will be an essential building block in firmly establishing ZipCharge as a leader in the field of EV charging and smart energy management.”

ZipCharge’s Go powerbank is the size of a small wheeled suitcase that can be charged at home and taken with you whenever you’re out and about with an EV. It offers up to 20 miles of range in a little more than 30 minutes of charging. 

The company is planning to offer the Go to customers as a service, with monthly subscriptions starting from £49 per month. Outright purchases, however, will still be available.

“ZipCharge is a terrific business with a transformative product and a huge opportunity both for growth and to help more people be able to own and use electric vehicles. We are looking forward to helping support its growth strategy through investment and establishing what we know will be a hugely successful long-term partnership,” says Jean-Francois Tremblay, Mouve and Co. co-founder.

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