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Battery electric automaker Next.e.GO Mobile has announced that its drivers will be able to trade their CO2 certificates using its mobile app for up to €300 per year.

In Next.e.GO’s native Germany, the transport sector is required to demonstrate the number of greenhouse gases emitted as the country seeks to achieve a reduction of 22%. 

As part of this initiative, the German government has created a system that allows greenhouse gas reduction quotas assigned to electric vehicles to be traded and sold. It sounds complicated but, in effect, drivers will be able to sell the amount of CO2 they have offset through driving a Next.e.GO car back to the company.

The nascent automaker has partnered with financing company Fairnergy to offer the service to drivers through its mobile app or via its website. 

Nextego Ghg Quota

“Leveraging our disruptive technology and innovation to drive emission-free urban mobility has been our north star. Including our customers in this journey and enabling them to benefit from their responsible choice, having opted for one of the most sustainable urban BEVs, is something that we also take very seriously at e.GO,” says Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board at Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

“By becoming the first independent BEV that offers its customers GHG quota trading, we are taking another important step towards making electromobility even more attractive. Together with our truly sustainable partner, we make the process as seamless and efficient as possible for our customers.”

When using the mobile app or website, drivers will be able to enjoy “simple and fast processing” of their quota sale, according to a Next.e.GO statement. Drivers will also be able to sell all or part of their credit, directly via the platform, to support sustainable projects.  

Next.e.GO Mobile will donate the monetary benefit from customers’ greenhouse gas quotas to support sustainable projects.

It’s certainly an ambitious and very technocratic solution but, with up to €300 per year on offer, it might prove popular with German drivers. 

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