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GILLIG LLC, a US manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses, and RR.AI, an autonomous mobility company, have entered into an agreement to develop next-generation advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. GILLIG expects to implement AV and ADAS features across its product lines.

The companies will develop automated driving capabilities which can be deployed for select in-service operations or in the transit depot to help manage electric vehicle charging and reduce vehicle damage.

GILLIG says its zero-emission battery electric bus will be one of the first to benefit from the advanced technology and capability enhancements.

Henry Crown and Company, which owns GILLIG as well as other transportation companies, made a strategic investment in Robotic Research, RR.AI’s parent company, as part of the company’s $228 Series-A funding announced in December, 2021.

GILLIG President and CEO, Derek Maunus, says: “We see this partnership as a great fit for both our companies. The GILLIG team is passionate about delivering transformative products and solutions that make transportation safe, efficient, and help eliminate roadway congestion. RR.AI is equally committed to those important goals. We’re excited to work with such a technology leader to bring advanced vehicle automation technologies to cities across America.”

“We believe the partnership with GILLIG (and Henry Crown and Company) will improve the safety and well-being of drivers, pedestrians, and roadway users all while increasing efficiency for transit authorities and lowering costs,” adds Alberto Lacaze, CEO, RR.AI. “This partnership brings together leading innovators in the market today, a best-in-class OEM and best-in-class autonomy technology company.”

GILLIG offers a portfolio of clean-energy propulsions including zero-emission battery electric, diesel-electric hybrid, near-zero emission compressed natural gas and clean-diesel, all designed on the proven GILLIG Low Floor Platform.

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