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e-bike manufacturer Zoomo has announced the Zoomo One – its fastest e-bike yet.

Designed to supplant petrol mopeds in urban last-mile delivery settings, the Zoomo One can hit 28 mph and carry up to 128 lbs or almost 60 kilos.

The Zoomo One also comes with a 1 kWh swappable battery, though there will be options to expand capacity.

The design is also fully customizable, making the Zoomo One suitable for gig economy companies with strong brand identities such as UberEats or Just Eat.

The One also has integrated GPS, a cellular modem, Bluetooth, and an accelerometer to provide data and vehicle control capabilities to fleet managers. It also includes real-time battery health monitoring, preventative maintenance tech, and on-demand rider training.

The One has been engineered for “14-hour heavy-duty delivery use cases with smash-proof, stem-integrated front lights, and more.” The e-bike also features advanced LED lights all around, with turn signals and a brake-lever activated rear light.

The One will be available in the US in the first half of next year with UK and wider European availability “closely following behind.”

While the bike does offer some advantages over petrol-powered mopeds, its 28 mph top speed isn’t quite enough to deal with longer and busier roads that might intersect city centres. 

However, by using safety features including all-round lights and GPS, the Zoomo One should prove a safer choice for riders than more basic e-bikes.

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