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StoreDot, an Israeli battery technology manufacturer has announced a new system that allows battery cells to regenerate when in use through a “seamless battery repair mechanism.”

The new tech identifies underperforming cells and temporarily takes them out of service to fix them. The EV driver, meanwhile, should supposedly be none the wiser and notice no drop in performance.

“It’s important for us at StoreDot to encourage the global uptake of electric vehicles, so that we can all live in a cleaner, zero-emissions world. Alongside the development of our leading silicon-dominant XFC cells, StoreDot is committed to broadening its portfolio to advance the entire battery eco-system,” says Doron Myersdorf, the company’s CEO. 

“This latest patented technology is a unique way of repairing individual cells, or groups of cells, when they are in operation is a novel advancement to self-repairing electric vehicles. This approach is truly transformative with huge real-world benefits for electric vehicle owners, improving performance, safety and the longevity of their vehicles. It also plays a crucial role in eradicating range anxiety, which remains the main barrier to electric vehicle ownership.”

Utilising a suite of software algorithms and hardware, the new system could be a boon for extending the lifecycles of EVs.

By reconditioning the cells on the go, StoreDot is claiming that this “self-healing” approach will play a major role in prolonging battery life and driving range, as well as improving safety by preventing overheating and any danger of thermal runaway.

While the tech certainly sounds promising, it remains to be seen whether StoreDot will be able to manufacture the tech at scale and get it into road cars.

Battery waste is becoming a big topic in the world of EVs, though, with a slew of companies including NorthVolt and Arrival announcing new methods to recycle and regenerate used cells. 

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