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London-based e-bike sharing company HumanForest has launched a new loyalty program to reward riders.

Known as ‘TreeCoin,’ the loyalty program will reward the company’s 35,000-strong user base with free riding minutes for every five miles they travel on the bikes. Once a user has travelled five miles on an e-bike, they will earn one TreeCoin which, in turn, gives them an extra minute of free riding.

This extra minute is on top of the 10 free minutes that HumanForest gives all riders every day.

The loyalty program is based on the idea that riding one mile on a HumanForest e-bike prevents the same amount of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere that one average-sized tree captures in one day.

“TreeCoins are not just a reward for HumanForest users, they are a form of education. We want every Londoner to know the positive impact they can have on our city,” says Michael Stewart, co-founder and Head of Marketing.

HumanForest has developed the TreeCoin system with European gamification software provider StriveCloud. HumanForest has forecast to issue more than 10,000 TreeCoins in December alone – despite the inclement weather and freezing temperatures in London.

Currently, HumanForest is operating in a handful of boroughs in the centre of London – though riders can leave their bikes outside of the specified zone for a £2 fee. The bikes are also collected by a zero-emission, renewable-powered fleet of vans.

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