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BMW has expanded its eDrive Zones to another 20 cities around Europe, including Copenhagen, Verona, and Toulouse. 

When a BMW PHEV enters an eDrive Zone, which first appeared in London last summer, the vehicle will automatically switch to an all-electric drive. This means that the PHEV models can drive emissions-free, improving air quality whilst also saving money and petrol.

Using a combination of navigation and geo-fencing, PHEV BMWs will automatically know when they enter an eDrive Zone.

Bmw Edrive Zone Nav

The latest 20 cities to be added are: Aberdeen, Bregenz, Brescia, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Cork, Coventry, Florence, Klagenfurt, Lille, Matosinhos, Naples, Oeiras, Oxford, Sheffield, St. Pölten, Toulouse and Verona.

This brings the total number of eDrive Zones across Europe to 138 and BMW has plans to roll out the zones in “at least” another 30 cities worldwide in 2022.

Currently, BMW PHEVs enter into eDrive Zones around 30,000 times per day in Europe and more than 75% of these trips are completed in an electric driving mode. 

In the last quarter, BMW’s PHEV models have driven an additional 3.3 million km in electric-only modes when within an eDrive Zone. – equivalent to more than 80 trips around the equator and without any harmful emissions.

A full list of cities with active eDrive Zones is available on BMW’s website.  

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