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Volvo has invested $2 million in Spectralics, an Israel-based optical and imaging technology startup.

The investment gives Volvo access to a “promising technology at an early stage of development.” The Swedish car giant hopes that the tech could contribute to making cars safer as well as revolutionising the in-car user experience. 

Spectralics creates imaging and optical infrastructure-spanning materials, hardware, and software enabling a variety of optical capabilities. 

For example, the company’s multi-layered thin combiner is a new type of thin optical film that could be integrated into a car’s windscreen or windows, allowing for images to be overlayed on the glass. This could lead to wide field-of-view head-up displays.

In-cabin sensing, blind-proof front-facing cameras, and digital holographic projections are all possible, as well. 

“Spectralics is an exciting company with technology that holds truly great promise,” says Henrik Green, Chief Product Officer at Volvo Cars. “By supporting their development, we can bring forward the potential their products could have in future Volvo cars.”

“We are proud to partner with a progressive technology leader like Volvo Cars,” says Ran Bar-Yosef, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spectralics.

“We identify multiple touch-points with Volvo Cars’ vision in the ecosystem and recognise future Volvos as the right fit for new technologies.”

The investment was led by the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, which focuses on high-potential technology startups that could benefit the automotive industry.

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