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Honda has successfully tested the prototype Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) at a U.S. construction site in New Mexico. During the month-long field test, the second-generation prototype of the fully-electric Honda AWV performed a range of functions at a large-scale solar energy construction project, including towing activities and transporting construction materials, water, and other supplies to pre-set destinations within the work site.

The project was launched alongside Black & Veatch, a global engineering, procurement and construction company. 

The Honda AWV employs a suite of sensors to operate autonomously, using GPS for location, radar and lidar for obstacle detection and stereoscopic (3D) cameras for remote monitoring.

The vehicle also can be operated by remote control.

The field test also demonstrated the viability of the Honda AWV battery system to support energy intensive sensors and provide vehicle propulsion, while operating up to eight hours in a high-temperature environment. 

Honda has not announced commercialisation plans for the Honda AWV, but says it’s continuing to advance the platform through field testing.

Kenton Williams, U.S. project lead for the Honda AWV, says: “With our test partner, Black & Veatch, Honda was able to demonstrate the performance of our rugged all-electric Autonomous Work Vehicle prototype in a large-scale construction environment. We believe the Honda AWV has the potential to bring greater efficiencies, higher levels of safety and better environmental performance to the construction industry, and to other industries seeking an autonomous off-road solution.”

“Black & Veatch’s pursuit of construction innovation and safety on job sites has led us to this relationship with Honda,” adds Mario Azar, president of Black & Veatch’s global power business. “With our leading market position in solar power, the testing of this new autonomous work vehicle aligns with our focus on advancing the industry through new and innovative ways to work at project sites.”

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