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Plans have been unveiled to develop the UK’s largest battery Gigafactory. As the name suggests, the West Midlands Gigafactory will be located in the epicentre of the UK’s automotive industry, in the West Midlands. It will begin supplying high-tech batteries for electric vehicles from 2025. 

The project is a public private joint venture between Coventry City Council and Coventry Airport Ltd.

The new Gigafactory will be the result of a £2.5bn investment, creating up to 6,000 new highly skilled jobs directly, and thousands more in the wider supply chain in the city of Coventry and the surrounding region.

It will cover half a million square metres of space – that’s the equivalent to 74 full-size football pitches. It will be one of the largest single industry facilities of any kind in the UK.

At full capacity will be capable of delivering up to 60GWh of production per year.

It will be powered by a planned major boost to the local energy network, giving the Gigafactory access to a 100% renewable electricity supply, from a combination of solar power and grid-supplied renewables.

The Gigafactory will also be able to recycle used batteries as well as build new ones in an industry leading approach known as ‘cradle to cradle’.

Mike Murray, West Midlands Gigafactory Project Director, says: “The West Midlands Gigafactory has a singular mission to create a state-of-the-art battery gigafactory in the heart of the UK automotive industry. It will provide a huge cash investment in the area, leading to thousands of well-paid jobs and creating crucial new skills for this country.”

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, UK Cabinet Member for Jobs, Regeneration and Climate Change, adds: “Coventry is the historical home of the automotive industry in the UK, where much of the cutting-edge technology that defined the global car industry last century was created here in our city. Now, as we stand at the dawn of a new electric age, we fully intend for Coventry to be very front of the green industrial revolution which will power the future of the automotive industry.”

West Midlands Gigafactory Aerial 3

Based at Coventry Airport, the Gigafactory will be adjacent to the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre, part of the UK’s Faraday Challenge.

The Centre provides a critical link between research at laboratory or prototype stages and the successful mass production of new battery technologies.

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