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Amazon-owned Zoox has announced plans to test its L3 autonomous vehicles in the city of Seattle. It’s been testing its AVs in Las Vegas and the Bay Area for the past four years. 

As it rains more frequently in Seattle than it does in San Francisco, Zoox has built special hardware into our sensor architecture to remove water and debris.

Frequent rain provides more opportunities to collect data and validate these innovations.

The test AVs will be all-wheel drive Toyota Highlanders fitted with, the latest software stack and will have a safety driver to take control if needed. 

The company says it’s also planning to open an office in the Seattle area in 2022.

This will mark its  fourth U.S. base and testing site, following on from San Francisco, Las Vegas, and its headquarters in Foster City.  

Jesse Levinson, Zoox CTO and Co-Founder, says: “We’re excited to be testing in Seattle. The data we’re gathering will be invaluable for the continued development and generalization of our AI stack.” 

Kai Wang, Zoox Director of Prediction, adds: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, and it’s the exact same principle for our technology. The challenges of Seattle will let us hone our software stack and ultimately improve the behavior of our vehicles.”  

Zoox Fully Autonomous Vehicle At Coit Tower San Francsico

Zoox joined forces with Amazon in 2020.

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