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Honda has vowed not to introduce any new cars that aren’t electric or hybrid in China from 2030.

As such, the company is introducing the e:N Series of brand new EVs for the Chinese market with the first models, the e:NS1 and e:NP1, set to go on sale in Spring next year.

Honda is also developing three concept models with a view to selling them within five years. 

In April, Honda announced its electrification target in all major markets of electrification combined, including China, which is to increase the ratio of EVs and FCVs within overall unit sales to 40% by 2030, to 80% by 2035, and then to 100% by 2040. This, however, is relatively tardy compared to some of its rivals. 

Honda En S 1
Honda e:NS1

Both the e:NS1 and e:NP1 are fully electric SUVs set to feature “sporty and exhilarating driving unique to Honda, along with a safe, pleasant and smart “space” for mobility and simple and sharp exterior styling.”

Honda En P 1
Honda e:NP1

These will be followed by the e:N COUPE Concept, e:N SUV Concept and e:N GT Concept. If you’re into angular design, these models should be up your street with their unusual pointy and overhanging noses – not ideal for pedestrian safety.

Honda En Concepts

Honda is betting big on all of these models, however. It plans to create a sales areas “dedicated to the e:N Series will be created at approximately 1,200 existing Honda dealership locations around China.” In fact, it will also “launch dedicated e:N dealerships in major cities of China, which will specialize in sales of e:N Series models.”

Honda is also planning to create “new, highly-efficient and environmentally responsible EV production plants” at its GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda sites.

Batteries, meanwhile, will be provided by CATL and global exports of the e:N series should follow soon. 

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