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City Transformer has opened pre-orders for its shape-shifting CT-1.

The CT-1 can change the width of its chassis on the fly, making it small and nimble in the city, with easy end-on parking. Once you’re out of town, however, the skinny and lightweight CT-1 can switch into its “performance” mode with a wider track aiding stability.

Customers who pre-order the CT-1 are able to get it for €12,500 – a €4,000 price cut from the standard price.

In its regular city mode, the CT-1 is just one metre wide. However, in performance mode, the CT-1 expands to 1.4 meters wide. Naturally, this means a tandem driving position – so it’s best to be at least civil with any passengers you plan to take on a trip.

City Transformer Small

The CT-1 is powered by two electric motors driving the rear wheels individually – negating the need for a differential, saving space and weight. As a result, the CT-1 is light and tipps the scales at just 450 kg without batteries.

However, don’t expect to be troubling supercars in your city slinker. The CT-1 has a top speed of 40 kph with the wheels retracted, and 90 kph with the wheels extended. Of course, 90 kph in a tandem-style electric car could potentially be pretty hair-raising. 

City Transformer Big

Of course, speed isn’t the main concern here – it’s convenience. City Transformer reckons that you can fit four of its cars into a single EU standard parking space. It can also park end-on, like a motorbike, meaning that you can fit into far tighter spaces than usual.

Udi Meridor, City Transformer’s COO, told us at IAA 2021 that the CT-1 is better suited to urban transport than regular cars but is also far safer – as well as more accessible – than mopeds or motorbikes. 

The CT-1 comes equipped with wing mirrors, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, “one or more airbags.” The CT-1 also comes with air conditioning to make your ride as smooth as possible.

Interested? You can pre-order it now. 

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