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Genesis, the luxury vehicles arm of Hyundai, has revealed its first dedicated electric car – the GV60.

Combining the ride height and size of an SUV with the curvier form of a coupe, the GV60 should look stylish once on the roads. However, it’s not all form over function, as Genesis revealed some innovative features and a sustainable design.

“The GV60 is our first dedicated electric car with the most dynamic design, representing Genesis’ electrification. It will set a new standard for luxury electric cars with a powerful driving performance and key features which are emotionally connected to customers,” says Jay Chang, Global Head of Genesis brand.

The GV60 is the first vehicle to be built on Genesis’ Electric-Global Modular Platform (shortened, unfortunately, to E-GMP). The GV60 will be available in three versions: a rear-wheel-drive model, a standard all-wheel-drive model, and a performance model with all-wheel-drive.

Genesis Gv60 Side

Each model features a 77.4 kWh battery and Genesis claims that the RWD model will be able to manage an impressive 451 km (280 miles) per charge. The AWD and performance AWD versions make do with 400 km (248 miles) and 378 km (228 miles), respectively.

The GV60 is also the first Genesis model to feature a battery conditioning function that manages battery temperature to ensure the best conditions for operation and charging. Genesis is also promising an innovative charging system that can uprate charging speeds from 400 volts to 800 volts. As a result, the car can go from 10% to 80% charge in just 18 minutes. 

The RWD model is powered by a 168 kW electric motor, while the AWD version gets a 160 kW motor for the rear wheels and a 74 kW motor for the front axle. The performance model, meanwhile, gets 160 kW motors for the front and rear wheels, alike.

The GV60 models also get a ‘Boost Mode’ button that gives additional performance for 10 seconds, allowing drivers to hit 100 kph in just four seconds.

Should those numbers fail to sate your appetite for performance, Genesis is also bringing a Drift Mode to help ruin your tyres on the way home from the school run. It’s also the first model to feature “electric-Active Sound Design (e-ASD)” which pumps virtual driving sounds into the cabin. You can choose from a “futuristic” sound that symbolizes the direction of future mobility; a soft and sporty “G-Engine” sound that’s based on engine noises; or an “E-Motor” sound, which reimagines the vehicle’s motor sounds.

Genesis is also claiming that the GV60 has been made more sustainable by using plant-based leather for the seats, armrests, centre console, and crash pads. The seat covers and door centre trims, meanwhile, are made with fabric yarns recycled from plastic bottles and fishnets. 

Genesis Gv60 Centre Console

Finally, the South Korean company is promising big things in the way of connectivity. 

The GV60 features Face Connect, which recognises the driver’s face and adjusts the heads-up display, seat, steering wheel, and wing mirror positions automatically, and tunes to radio or music to their liking. It also uses Near Infra-Red to provide accurate facial recognition in any environment. 

The GV60 also gets expanded over-the-air updates compared to older Genesis models. Previously, this function was used to wirelessly update infotainment system features, such as navigation, the digital instrument cluster, and the heads-up display. With the GV60, however, drivers will get updates for suspension, brakes, steering wheel, airbags, and ADAS features.

Genesis Gv60 Rear

The GV60 will also be the first Genesis model to get the new-and-improved Digital Key 2, allowing drivers to get in and start the car by simply touching the door handle. This new digital key can be shared with up to three people.

“The GV60 will provide a differentiated experience that enables interaction with vehicles in Genesis’ own caring and considerate way,” says Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Brand Officer of Genesis brand.

However, despite Genesis saying the GV60 was a “new kind of luxury electric car coming to Europe,” it considerately hasn’t revealed any European pricing or availability details. 

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