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Kia has rebranded its in-car and app telematics from UVO Connect to Kia Connect.

The South Korean company claims that this rebrand will make driving “an easier and more intuitive experience” with the enhanced vehicle connectivity, functionality and user control.

“By re-naming our on-board and app-based telematics system to Kia Connect, we are making it clear to customers that its features are there to provide a seamless connection between owner, vehicle and environment,” says Jason Jeong, President of Kia Europe and Kia Connect.

“By taking advantage of Kia Connect’s comprehensive suite of technologies,” he says, “customers can look forward to stress-free journeys like never before.”

Whether Kia drivers will experience a less stressful drive thanks to the new app, however, remains to be seen.

Kia Connect can be accessed through the vehicle’s central touch screen and the user’s smartphone. It offers drivers ‘Online Navigation,’ a feature that draws on cloud-based real-time historical traffic data to predict traffic levels.

Drivers will also be able to ’Kia Connect Live Services.’ The live services are a suite of features that use a wider range of “best-in-class” data providers that should give drivers more accurate information when it comes to traffic information, parking availability and parking costs, locations and availability of petrol and charging stations, and smart charging routines.

Meanwhile, the Kia Connect app allows the users to access their car’s vehicle information remotely on their phone, viewing the vehicle’s trip data, location, or lock status. It also provides the “last mile navigation” and “valet parking mode”, features that help the driver to navigate to their destination, park their car properly, and monitor it remotely.

Kia says the renamed system will be rolled out across the company’s European line-up in the coming months, and the app will be available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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