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Honda will use Google’s Android Auto for in-car infotainment starting in 2022.

Google’s built-in infotainment operating system is gaining popularity among automakers as they look to improve in-car connectivity for the next generation of drivers.

From next year, Honda drivers will be able to issue hands-free voice commands after saying “Hey Google.” Android Auto is able to set the car’s navigation, control music, and more.

Android Auto is also able to find charging stations that are compatible with the car. What’s more, drivers will be able to see whether that charger is available in real-time, the payment types it supports, and its charging speed.

Android Auto now supports thermal battery management, which can adjust the battery temperature to reduce the length of time drivers spend at the charger.

Google has also announced that Android Auto users in the US will be able to use Google Pay to pay for their petrol or diesel. After pulling into a forecourt, drivers can select their pump number on the screen and Google will automatically pay for the fuel. Sadly, drivers will still have to get out and pump the fuel into their cars.

Honda joins General Motors, Polestar, Renault, and Volvo in offering Android Auto built-in to drivers. 

By offering Android Auto built-in to cars, manufacturers don’t need to worry about hardware and software compatibility – Google takes care of all the heavy lifting. 

“We will collaborate with Google to better integrate Google in-vehicle services in our vehicles including the ability to more-easily use features like Google Assistant, Google Maps functionality and other in-vehicle apps offered through Google Play,” a Honda spokesperson said in an email to The Verge.

However, Honda hasn’t specified which of its new models would get Android Auto first. 

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