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A new simple EV charging method is coming to towns and cities across Germany.

Plug&Charge, developed by Hubject, allows drivers to pull up and plug in their cars to charge without having to use a phone, RFID card, or any other extra steps.

Using Plug&Charge, the EV and charging station communicate as soon as the plug is inserted into the charging socket. Then, the EV’s charging contract is identified and matched with its eMobility service provider. Charging then starts and all the concerned parties, from the driver to the municipal utility providing the electricity get sent an invoice.

This new charging method comes as a result of a partnership between Hubject, SMART/LAB, and Hubject developed the Plug&Charge tech and is already in use by Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volvo.

SMART/LAB offers funded research and development and cooperation with more than 230 energy suppliers., meanwhile, is an open platform that allows drivers to charge seamlessly across European borders.

“The municipal utilities will be able to issue secure charging certificates together with SMART/LAB – so-called Sub or Leaf certificates,” says Mr Dr Mark Walcher, SMART/LAB CEO.

“For the implementation, we create a new special “Stadtwerke” and “ladebusiness” product, so that the energy supplier and ladebusiness contract is transferred into the car and the driver can authenticate themselves directly.”

There are big plans for Plug&Charge, as well.

“Together with SMART/LAB and the platform, we are striving to make Plug&Charge accessible everywhere in Europe,” says Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject.

“We believe that this partnership will move us forward to leveraging the seamless EV charging to a new level.”


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