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AC Cars has unveiled the Ace RS electric, an electric reinterpretation of the Ace, its legendary 50s sports car.

The new Ace RS electric is completely handbuilt and features a bespoke electric drivetrain. 

Performance looks impressive with the Ace RS electric producing 500 Nm of torque and hitting 62 mph in around 5.5 seconds. AC is also claiming that owners will achieve around 200 miles on a single charge.

However, AC is producing just 37 “Founders Editions” of the Ace RS electric – meaning you’ll be unlikely to get your hands on one, even if you can afford the £129,500 asking price.

“Our move to electric power has proved to be more important for the brand than anything else we’ve attempted before. The combination of our pedigree with a new, fully electric drivetrain means that we’re ready to offer brand new cars that are undeniably historic in character yet thoroughly modern in their powertrain and performance,” says Alan Lubinsky, Chief Exec of AC Cars. 

“The interest around the world in our new electric cars has been tremendous and has proved that developing a bespoke EV powertrain is the right approach in ensuring the future success of AC Cars.”

Despite packing a 38 kWh battery pack, the Ace RS electric should be light on its feet, weighing in at around 1,050 kg. 

AC will also be renewing its partnership with Falcon Electric. The Derby-based company and AC have worked together on previous electrified efforts.

You’re able to make a reservation for the car on AC’s website now, though you’ll have to be quick given the cap on just 37 cars.

Deliveries are expected to start in late 2022.

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