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Renault Group and Geely Holding Group, China’s largest privately-owned automotive group, have jointly announced a partnership to launch hybrid vehicles in the fast-growing Asian markets. 

The cooperation, focused on China and South Korea as initial key core markets, will allow Renault Group and Geely Holding to share resources and technologies. 

In China, based on Geely Holding’s existing technologies and mature industrial footprint, both partners will jointly introduce Renault-branded hybrid vehicles. Renault will contribute on branding strategy, channel and service development, defining appropriate customer journey.

In South Korea, where Renault Samsung Motors has over two decades of experience, the parnership allows Renault Group and Geely Holding to jointly explore localization of vehicles based on Lynk & Co’s energy-efficient vehicle platforms for local markets.

Both partners will continue to explore in-depth further potential, under the spirit of open and innovative partnership mode.

Renault Group is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality worldwide in 2050. It continues to accelerate its EV strategy to reach the greenest mix in the European market in 2025, with over 65% of electric and electrified vehicles in the sales mix and up to 90% battery electric vehicles mix in 2030. 

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