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Arrival has announced it will be co-developing its digital fleet and vehicle capabilities for the automotive industry with Microsoft. This cloud-based approach, using Microsoft Azure, will enable advanced uses of telemetry, vehicle and fleet data management across vehicle fleets.

Arrival plans to develop models with Microsoft that simplify the sharing of data within a mobility and freight ecosystem.

The company will utilise data insights to increase the efficiency for its customers operations. It will also be able to use the platform to share data with other partners looking to develop solutions based on those insights.

Avinash Rugoobur, President of Arrival, says: “Arrival is bringing zero-emission mobility solutions to communities globally. Data management and analysis is crucial to bringing customized, affordable and equitable solutions to the world. With the rapid advances in technology across all areas, we need a standardised way of collecting, assimilating and sharing that data so all can share in the full benefits of what connected vehicles can bring.”

He adds: “Working closely with Microsoft to develop and then demonstrate the huge advantages of having an open data platform for vehicles and fleets will be truly ground-breaking for companies and cities around the world.”

Sanjay Ravi, General Manager, Automotive, Mobility & Transportation Industry, Microsoft, comments: “Microsoft has always been at the forefront of enabling customer and partner ecosystems to make effective use of their data. The automotive industry will benefit from better capabilities to standardise and share data, and we are pleased to collaborate with Arrival to accelerate the development of their open data platform for vehicles and fleets.”

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Arrival is a global business founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, UK and Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, with more than 2,100 global employees located in offices across the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Russia, and Luxembourg.


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