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Saietta, an Oxford-based e-mobility propulsion specialist is bringing its Axial Flux Technology (AFT) e-motors to market. 

Designed for lightweight zero-emissions vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles, rickshaws, and micro-cars, Saietta claims its AFT e-motors are efficient, mass-producible, and affordable. 

“Our AFT motors are compact and light while delivering high torque and efficiency at low voltage,” says Wicher Kist, Saietta’s Chief Exec. “This will enable vehicle manufacturers to reduce the required battery size for a given range and, in turn, use less rare materials in their construction.”

The new AFT e-motors are in low-volume production at the moment but it’s likely that Saietta will be looking to expand production in the coming months, as well as finalising the development of a new high-voltage variant intended for high-performance vehicles. 

Targeting the Asian market, in particular, Saietta’s first two AFT e-motors – the AFT 140 and AFT 110 – are designed to offer greater efficiency while providing a reliable, cost-effective propulsion solution with zero tailpipe emissions. Their exceptional urban duty cycle efficiency reduces the battery capacity and, as a result, the cost of the battery pack required for a given range.

For their size and weight, the AFT motors provide substantial torque and can sustain high power output through the addition of a simple water-cooling system.

“Specifically designed for highly automated production, our AFT motors are intended to make lightweight EV adoption more viable by reducing total vehicle cost,” adds Kist. “They are incredibly versatile and easily integrated into vehicle platforms. By providing the e-mobility solutions of today, we are building momentum towards a more sustainable, electrified tomorrow.”

Saietta’s testing programme saw a fleet of two-, three- and four-wheeled demonstrator vehicles retrofitted with the AFT. The scooters, motorcycles, rickshaws, last-mile delivery vehicles, and micro-cars have all helped to highlight the versatility and reliability of the AFT e-motor.

Saietta has also developed a range of off-the-shelf controllers to make sure that its motors can be adapted to any type of vehicle. 

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